Mama’s Story

Mama’s Story

A little word to introduce myself, and maybe you will see better if you’d like to join me on my journey or not.

Although I grew up on a dairy farm in the wonderful and green hills of Central New York State- the great “Empire State”, and i DO *heart* NY, I currently am a barely-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth “rural-dweller” in mostly sunny Southern California.

Rural here, probably means that the 4 mile stretch of road in either direction that leads to grocery stores and the masses, is lined with no sidewalk, but instead horse and footpaths, and has no street lights.  Oh- add to that, we can keep livestock of various sorts on our properties.

We have earthquakes, and power outages, or “rolling brown-outs” as they like to call ’em in these here parts.

You know L.A. is a little famous for its riots, and we also have newsworthy seasonal wildfires.

So, as a mama of 3 youngsters, I have emergency-preparedness on my mind.

I occasionally wonder about pending civil-unrest in this day and age, and give thought to what ANY type of emergency might mean to our family and those around us.

There are a couple of “mottoes” that I am heard to utter now and again…

Here’s my paraphrase for the first one: “A wise person sees danger ahead and prepares for it, while a fool sits idly by and reaps the consequences”. That’s pretty close to the original quote.  You can find it in Proverbs…that’s in the Bible.

Another is: ” I’d rather be prepared to no avail, than wish I had been.”

but- I am no Boy Scout.

So I have embarked on a journey to be responsible, and yet fear-free. [both of which, I believe can go nicely hand-in-hand].

In my study and education about emergency preparedness, I have found myself a bit overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by the vast reach of scenarios for which I might prepare, overwhelmed by costs, planning, space, and in truth, sometimes, a bit of worry. [you should know, another quote I am quite fond of comes from Jesus, who said something like “Don’t worry about what you will eat or drink or wear, your heavenly Father clothes the lilies, and feeds the birds, and you are even more special to Him than they are….plus- you can’t change a thing by worrying.”]

A large part of being prepared for difficult times is certainly determined by our own self-sufficiency.  I am not crazy about that term, because I believe that we all need each other.

At the same time, self-sufficiency, or self reliance, is an appropriate goal in a day and age when we are increasingly dependant on outside sources for our needs.  We depend on government entities, trucking, shipping, fuel consuming, far-off farming, and so many more conveniences that we take for granted, that I dare not begin listing them.

As I have embarked on little missions to create a more self-reliant/sufficient life, and perhaps  a little gentler-on-the-earth-God-has-entrusted-to-us-lifestyle, here I am, thinking some of you all might like some direction, and some company in the process of sorting it all out in bite- sized chunks.  As I learn, I will add it here, and as you do, would you be so kind as to share your knowledge?

Happy preparing! Enjoy the learning, and hey- let’s make it a mini-adventure!