Here you will find a list of book recommendations that can help you build your library.

Should we folks, spoiled by 21st century living, where the world and all its knowledge is at our fingertips lose access to the internet, this book list should provide helpful references for things you may need to find quickly.

It will build as time passes and my personal reviews for those I have read will be posted as soon as I can get to them.

The Bible

This one, I can’t LIVE without.  Truly, no one can afford to. 🙂

I like the New Living Translation for understandability [is that a word?], and The New King James [a study Bible, or Spirit Filled Life Bible] is my choice for study…I like comparing and using all translations for a full grasp- but not everyone is as geeky that way as I am]

Online, you can find it at : if you want to familiarize yourself with it first 🙂

SAS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK Revised Edition– John “Lofty” Wiseman

This book is SO cool.  This guys is like “Man Against Wild” or that Bear Grills guy- or whatever his name is – times 100…He’s like, but better than, the Macguyver of the wildernesses.  It’s not sensational or driven by any purpose other than to inform.  No assumptions or predictions for the future- just good solid outdoorsey stuff.

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It– James Wesley, Rawles

This is a great, methodical and super-knowledgable, expert survivalist website and book. He has several other books as well.  One is about where to pick your best location to make your stand, and the other is a guide through a big-box store to show you what you really do want , and don’t want from it.  This guy can tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about pretty much every emergency scenario and prepare you for the potential issues pertaining to each particular situation.  You’ll probably be refered to that site from here many times, because it is just so thoroughly explained.  Here, you have your shortcut. 🙂

First Aid & Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference GuideAmerican Red Cross

 Mini Farming Self Sufficiency in 1/4 Acre- Brett L. Markham

This is one of my self-sufficiency/homesteady fave’s.  It is an excellent resource for understanding Intensive Gardening methods, and all that is involved in using what you have for maximum benefit to you, your crops and the land.  It is beautifully illustrated, written with a familiar and easily-read style, all while offering precise and applicable details on the process. Unlike the Backyard Homestead, written about below, it focuses, as the title suggests, on farming-gardening-growing…with a snippet on chickens- for meat and eggs. Chickens and gardens just naturally go together, really.  Here you won’t find how to keep pigs or goats, but you will go beyond self-sufficiency in the sense of caring for your own families needs alone.  Here, you will also view mini-farming as a potentially profitable venture that will sustain beyond your basics, and bring you into the world of commerce.  Grab it!

The Encyclopedia of Country Living– Carla Emery

This Resource is PACKED with cool information and tons of useful knowledge.  It is big, heavy and has pretty small print and thin pages, but just imagine how much more you will know as you begin to peruse it!  It has great emergency tips, but also gives fascinating details that can help you live more self-sufficiently in general!

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold storage of Fruits and Vegetables– Mike Bubel

This is clear, easy to read, and very instructive.  This somewhat “lost art” is sure to make a comeback as more people save money by gardening, and as their success increases, will learn to preserve some of that harvest for the ‘off’ months.

Storey’s Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self- Reliance– John & Martha Storey

This is a personal favorite, as I have a romantic fantasy of being much more self-reliant and sufficient, but it is easily agreed that any knowledge gained in the area of how to take care of oneself and family  with less dependence on outside sources is nothing short of wise, whether in an emergency situation or regular old everyday living.


When Technology Fails-M. Stein

Really thorough details explaining WHY one might want to pay attention to changes in our world that loom on the horizon.  Stein approaches the prospects of a changing environment, peak oil, other dwindling natural resources and the imbalance of the demand for these resources and the actual available supply, all of which would, by necessity, force us to change our lifestyle drastically.  The earlier steps are taken, I believe, the gentler on our sensibilities!

Where There Is No Doctor– David Werner

See below

Where There Is No Dentist – Murray Dickson

I cannot believe how clearly these books take you step-by-step through common-sense health practices, and how to teach them to folks who might not have ever had it presented so clearly, to more complex procedures that could reduce or eliminate pain, fight infection and save life.  A great resource you might never want to crack open, but for medically minded folks, its super fascinating, and for missionaries, peace corps workers or other human service agents, it is invaluable.  I’d even add it onto a Mama & Papa-must have list for parents…because you just never know, unless you know!

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the Food You Need on Just a Quarter Acre!– Carleen Madigan

An inspiring and simple approach that clearly outlines schematics and examples with written details and diagrams.  An excellent overview and great perspective on how much can be done in a relatively small space. Diagrams for different configurations for you visual types!

All New Square Foot Gardening– Mel Bartholomew

Nice way to save space from traditional row gardening, and excellent tips on soil ammendments, fertilizers you can make up at home, and ways to extendyour gardening season all while keeping things form getting wildly expensive.

Ball Blue Book of PreservingI am trusting references on this one.  I have never canned yet.  There will definitely be posts on that adventure when it happens!

Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money- Dolly Freed

It’s not a MUST- but how can you resist that descriptive?!?!? Really? 🙂

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