• Take an inventory of possessions, with a list or photo documentation.
  • Record important documents by scanning or photographing and copying to a thumb or portable external drive.
  • Copy photos to the same portable drive.
  • Protect your house from wind damage by boarding your windows and doors.
  • Protect from water damage by sandbagging around your premises.
  • Protect from exterior damage by trimming bushes and limbs.

Learn how to protect your home  and family from all kinds of disaster at this site.

Look here for Insurance documentation info explained

This links you to awesome window clips that don’t require screws and mess!

Business guide and help site here.


  • Create a business disaster plan folder/ portable drive containing important documents.
  • File employee and client contact lists in that folder/portable drive.
  • Protect your building by boarding up windows.
  • Create a recovery plan to equip youwith the tools and resources needed to get your company running again.

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