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One of the most important things we want to keep in mind when it comes to emergency food supply, is the motto:

“Store What You Use, and Use What You Store”

Store foods that you actually use in everyday life, and use them!  Rotate things so that the First In are the First Out!

I have tried many, many long-term/long shelf-life foods. My biggest complaint is that the meals are made with seasoning and texture that I just don’t like.  It is usually too strong, and too thick.

I finally found one that I  L.O.V.E. love!!!

THRIVE foods by Shelf Reliance.  It is primarily freeze-dried, which means it is highly nutritive, can be re-constituted, unlike dehydrated foods, and is in its natural state. Strawberries are strawberries. Oats are oats.  Red and Green Bell Peppers are just that.

Not only can I make a delectable pineapple upside down cake, but I can also much on the freeze-dried pineapple chunks with my 18 month old and have a healthy snack with her.

I made chicken salad to top off some crackers for my mom on her last visit.  They were super tasty- and way easier than making it from fresh chicken, onion & celery! No chopping, crying or separate cooking involved!  All 3 ingredients were scooped from my THRIVE can, boiled together on the stove, drained, and tossed together with mayo, salt & pepper. Yum. Easy. Cheap, too.

That’s another great thing about these foods.  No, there is no fresh big juicy steak to grill from freeze-dried, or juicy, homegrown tomato fresh off the vine, but the list of real, yummy, savory dishes is endless.  From cornbread to blueberry pancakes, to beef stew, to tacos (including the tortilla!), to fruit smoothies, to granola, to macaroons, to hamfried rice, hearty vegetable soup,whole wheat rolls, cobblers, etc. there are easy, delicious recipes that you can use for many of your every-day-eats…and the cost may even be more often LOWER than at the grocery store- even though freeze-drying is typically an expensive process!  as my grocery bill has increased nearly 20% in the last 6 months-a year, this is a welcome addition to our grocery budget!


Check it out here!

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