Skills. I’m pretty sure they beat out Style.

There are plenty of skills that can go a long way in emergency preparedness and offer valuable assistance for little cost more than your time and attention.

These days, we really don’t have too many of those “old-fashioned” skills that convenience and ingenuity have pushed out to the realm of what is considered “obsolete” or “archaic”.

Here are some places you can polish or acquire newly some very useful and maybe critical skills-without spending a fortune.

  • CERT classes. [I have just signed up for this FREE “Community Emergency Response Training” through the local Fire Department.¬† I will post something on it as soon as I am done with it]
  • NRA training and shooting events/ RWVA Appleseed clinic [I just saw this available to women for $5 for a full day!]
  • Mormon canning classes are often available to non- Mormons or LDS members.
  • ARRL- Amateur radio classes.
  • Candle, soapmaking, sewing, knitting¬†& weaving clubs are probably easy to find locally…craft and knit shops often hold classes.¬† My knit shop offers a place to sit, and hands-on instruction free to all customers
  • If you have kids, help their Boy Scout Troop, or hang out at their 4-H CLub meetings and learn along with them!
  • County Agricultural Extensions often have classes on gardening, livestock raising, etc.

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